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Turn your midlife crisis into your crowning achievement!


When I joined Mama Donna at a retreat I went in as a woman and came out as an Empowered Queen who had reclaimed her voice and spirit. Through Mama's skills and knowledge of rituals and symbolic talismans, as well as her wisdom and compassion, listening with an open ear, she allowed us to be heard and transformed. Under Mama's guidance and direction, you find reverence with yourself and Mother Earth. The women in the group and their stories become part of your life and spirit — true Sisters. I no longer feel like a Midlife woman, I feel like a Queen empowered with reverence and knowledge with an enhanced voice and spirit on a path of new beginnings and miracles. Bless you Mama.

—Colleen, Slatehill, NY


Every morning (since meeting you) when I shower and say good morning to my guides and teachers I now bless me: my body, my soul and spirit. Then, from this holy place, I bless our planet and the universe with joy and love. A gift of spirit to spirit. Thank you for the inspiration.

Chris, Portland, ME.


Ever since your incredible workshop, I continue to remind myself ...saying..."What would a Queen do in this situation? How would She feel? How would She behave?" Thanks so much for your own Queenly/Empressy self!

—Kesenja, Farmington, NM


Dear Donna,
I want to thank you again for the exquisite process last Friday night in Albuquerque. I was honored to be in the Circle...You are an articulate & inspiring Queen !!!

—Kate, Santa Fe, NM


I have been so profoundly affected by your Queen workshop. I feel whole and vital and real and loved and valued and I have deep, abiding courage and conviction and belief-in-self. Thank you, Donna, and great, great blessings on your most amazing, validating and profound work of love.

—Sue, Brooklyn, NY


Long live the queens! May we rule in a peaceful world!

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Donna Henes is an acclaimed urban shaman, contemporary ceremonialist, artist
and writer who specializes creating rituals in celebration of the cosmic cycles of the seasons and the universal seasons of our personal lives. She has designed and produced countless public and private ceremonial events in more than 100 cities in ten countries since 1972.

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