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MORE READER'S COMMENTS about The Queen of My Self
I love the Queen! The archetype resonated with me, like finding a missing piece of the puzzle. As a once married, now single, childless-by-choice 41-year old, I am realizing that there is no established fit for women like myself. I suspect there are a lot of 40-something Queen aspirants out there, either people like me or those that married very young, divorced, and whose children are now grown. Anyway, thanks for sharing your insight about the Queen!

—Lisa, Tallahassee, FL


I have been thoroughly enjoying your book, The Queen of My Self. I howled at your depiction of the on-again-off-again ritual of the bed covers. That's me alright! I was very moved by your coronation ritual. I have attempted a similar ritual, but it wasn't as deep as yours. I'm saying that because ritual is your life's work and I am so impressed with where you are and what you're doing. I also was very moved by your journey. The way you told your story is beautiful and honest. I will be using your book (recommending it to my clients and girlfriends) as an example of how to tell our stories in a meaningful way, and how profound that experience can be.

—Penny, Los Angeles, CA

Your book is so full of practical knowledge...well enjoyable read...every woman on the planet should read it and benefit from it. Have you thought about what happens when all women finally become "Queens" ...what incredible power to be released!

—Linda, Queens, NY

The "Queen" book came yesterday and I am eagerly reading it. You have done a wonderful job! Thank you for writing about this concept. You have new fans on the Big Island of Hawaii! A hui ho,

—Sandy, Honolulu, HI

What a delightful surprise to receive your beautiful book in the mail just as I finished leading a women's retreat at which "the queen is home" became the shorthand for "this woman is in touch with her wholeness and her power." I will certainly recommend it. Blessings on your journey,

—Jalaja, Ithaca, NY

I LOVE your book — I laughed and you touched my heart, I saw myself — and am purchasing more copies for friends and clients. Thank you for such a wonderful gift.

—Sherrie, Slingerlands, NY

I intend to take at heart your encouragements to blossom. The book is beautifully designed and the way you structured its valuable information is extremely clever. So thank you for your vitality and conviction.

—Christine, London, England

I took the book with me to visit my best friend. We had the BEST time reading it out loud to each other. She said it was just what she's been needing, as she is in menopause and no one ever addresses it in a radical enough way.

—Vicki, Berkeley, CA

Your book is great! I'm totally glad that you have come up with this stage between Maiden and Crone. I see all these women croning themselves and they are in their fifties and it just doesn't make sense to me except they want to award themselves some status that the culture is denying them.

—Layne, Chiefland, FL

I have been immersed in The Queen of My Self. It reinforces all my best instincts, and unearths some new ones, and gives me fresh permission to trust myself! The bibliography is great, also. Thanks so much for a great book, a real hand-holder!

—Karen, Jersey City, NJ

As you stated, the Universe is primarily dissected into fours. Seeing this has hindered my identification with a deity that has only three aspects. Also, lately, having enjoyed the Maiden and endured the Mother, but being nowhere near the wisdom of the Crone, I've been feeling rather out of place. Reading your book has given me a celestial place to rest my throne. For that I very much thank you. I feel so strongly about the Queen aspect I am going to incorporate Her into the teachings to my daughters and others who have asked for my guidance.

—Deborah, Fond du Lac, WI


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