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READER'S COMMENTS about The Queen of My Self
Readers' Comments - Part 1

Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback about The Queen of My Self. I love to hear from you. So, please keep your responses coming. Here are a few comments from readers.
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I am really enjoying reading your book. It is excellent — great content, wonderful writing, awesome quotes, and it resonates with me and my life experience. I have been taking to highlighting when I read — like I used to do in college. I highlight when I find a passage of value to me. Quite a bit of yellow in my book! Thank you. Blessings,

—Vicki, New Cumberland, PA


I want to tell you that The Queen of My Self changed my life. I cannot begin to express how much it opened me up to self-discovery and self-empowerment. Blessings,

—Kitka, Barneveld, WI


As I read The Queen of My Self, you described and named so much of my new experience of myself. Once I could name it, I could finally claim it and allow myself to grow with the "me" I actually was, at 52, after a complete hysterectomy because of the ovarian cancer they found very early, after walking away from a career I had cultivated for almost 20 years, after finding that my spiritual journey has moved in a totally new and exciting direction, after recognizing a new strength and power in me. Up until reading your book, I just thought what I was experiencing was a bit of craziness/laziness and not really growth. Now that I see things differently, I feel myself stronger, more adventurous, more relaxed, more confident, more accepting of my choices and much happier. Now I'm very excited about where I am and where I'm heading. That is where your help came in. With great expectation,

—Dorothy, New York, NY


I am currently reading your The Queen of My Self book, which I am just thrilled with. I've finally found someone who is articulating the maelstrom of feelings that I'm experiencing every day!! I'm underlining practically every sentence and scribbling notes to myself in the margins. And to give you some idea how much I'm enjoying the book, I read 110 pages yesterday — while the house was full of kids! (My two are 10 and 8.) Everything I'm reading is resonating deep in my soul. So thank you so much! This is truly the right book at the right time in my life. And I must tell you, you have the most beautiful, lyrical writing style - every page is a joy!! Guess what all my girlfriends will be getting for Christamas this year??

—Claire, Great Gonerby, England


I am in the deep throes of a midlife crisis right now. I have reached a point where I have no passion in my life and doing the whole "why am I here and what the heck am I supposed to be doing" thing!
So your book is particularly relevant for me. Thank you!

—Kathryn, Asheville, NC


The realization of the "Quadruple Goddess" makes much sense to me. I am still an active mother, both emotionally and financially, of a nineteen-year old daughter Maya. At fifty-six I am still working part time. Also learned to belly dance at age fifty and have been performing the last five years. So many things that do not exactly make me feel ripe, elder Crone. Your book is so real, amazing and ethereal.

—Ingrid, Tucson, AZ


Thank you for your insight. It was powerful. I now need to begin to work with the insights and suggestions in your wonderful book.

—Monica, Philadelphia, PA


I am currently reading and thoroughly enjoying your book, The Queen of My Self: Stepping into Sovereignty in Midlife. I’m learning about the ways in which I can live up to my namesake as Queen Victoria! Your work is helping to provide me with much hopefullness of rediscovering my true Self. As a recent post-menopausal woman of 53 years young, I was beginning to think I was headed straight to the rocking chair never to live out any of my long-stifled dreams. Thank you so much for the realization that I’ve only just begun my journey!

—An evolving Queen of My Self, Victoria, Wakefield, MA

Thank you for your wonderful book, given to me as a 55th Birthday gift. I am really enjoying your depth of character. You are she who walks the talk. Midlife is such a heroic journey of mythic proportions. Gotta go and get back to my book!

—Jeannie, Vancouver, BC, Canada

I started the book thinking...oh, I don't need this yet (I'm 47 and deep in denial). Instead, I found great truth and insight that helped me envision a much brighter future than I had imagined. "Queen" will be a holiday gift for several of my friends. Thanks for putting these words on paper.

—Joni, Farmington, MI

The Queen of My Self is simply stunning book. I want to buy it for all my friends. It's just brilliant.

—Barbara, New York, NY

I just want to tell you how much I love your QUEEN book — thank you so much for the gift of your inspiring writing. I've read it all, and now I keep it by my bedside and open it randomly to a page before I go to sleep, and there is always some good and positive thought to send me into a better place.

—Lillian, San Francisco, CA

I wanted to thank you so much for writing "Queen of My Self". That book is a goddess-send, I am halfway through my transition and thought I was going mad, my compassionate and sweet spiritual nature seemed to have gone out the window and I was beginning to get a bit worried. Your book has helped me so much, I know I will reread it and reread it over the next few years as I work towards the end of this strange stressful phase of life. I so agree with you regarding this missing archetype, particularly when you link it with the seasons, The Queen is what we have all been waiting for and longing for. Bless you for sharing your experiences and for writing this.

—Elly, Pontyclun, Wales

Donna Henes is an acclaimed urban shaman, contemporary ceremonialist, artist
and writer who specializes creating rituals in celebration of the cosmic cycles of the seasons and the universal seasons of our personal lives. She has designed and produced countless public and private ceremonial events in more than 100 cities in ten countries since 1972.

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