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PRAISE for The Queen of My Self


Finally, an archetype of midlife power and maturity that I can relate to —
The Queen. Thank you Donna for providing this much-needed missing piece
of women's wisdom.

—Christiane Northrup, M.D., author of
Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom and The Wisdom of Menopause

Wonderful! Inspirational!
—Jane Fonda, actor, author, activist

Insightful, funny, a treasure, from one of the best "goddess gals" around.
—Olympia Dukakis, actor

This is the book we've been waiting for — blunt, witty, truthful, intelligent, and downright astonishing in its lucidity. Donna Henes bravely paves the way for women through "the Grand Canyon of midlife change." For those intrepid ones among us who intend to take ownership of our lives no matter what, this book is our revolutionary manifesto.
—Vicki Noble, co-creator of Motherpeace Tarot and author of
Shakti Woman and The Double Goddess

I, of course, am fascinated with the archetype of the queen, and I see her emerging all around me. A powerful bouquet of Queenly materials, Donna's book is part memoir, part guide, with a Goddess focus.
—Jennifer Louden, author of
Comfort Secrets of Busy Women and The Comfort Book series

Wise women, goddesses, and midlife Queens agree: Mama Donna's book is a friend, an ally, and a sweet sister whose wise words bring insight, humor, and power to women during and after menopause.
—Susun Weed, author of
New Menopausal Years the Wise Woman Way

In The Queen of My Self: Stepping into Sovereignty in Midlife, Donna Henes proposes the concept of the midlife Queen, focused on spiritual wisdom, mastery and self-esteem. Yes, it is time to be the Queen of Our Self, the High Priestess of Our Own Life, and claim the respect that we deserve while shouldering our own hard-earned authority, wisdom and inner beauty.
—Layne Redmond, author of
When the Women Were Drummers

In The Queen of My Self, Mama Donna cooks up a nourishing stew of regal empowerment from a rich assortment of ingredients including rituals, blessings, and many stories from her life and practice. Flying in the face of our stereotypes, self-doubts, and cultural conditioning she offers an exuberant and elegant vision of midlife as a time of power, wisdom, beauty, and joy.
—J. Ruth Gendler, author of
The Book of Qualities

This inspirational case for a new goddess archetype is a bible for personal
risk-taking during and after the midlife change.

—Carolyn McVickar Edwards, author of
The Storyteller's Goddess

A great book that every woman should read regardless of her age. If I had to recommend only one new book to read this year this would be it.
—Dell Williams, founder of Eve's Garden

Delightfully written, at once playful and profound, The Queen of My Self is a treasure! Donna Henes successfully weaves together the personal, the universal and the historical with candor and humor.
—Cristina Biaggi, Ph.D., author of
Habitations of the Goddess and Footsteps of the Goddess

Within reading the first few pages of this book, I had goose bumps: Donna Henes is on to something! The Queen of My Self had to be written for all of us. It will inspire you to take control of your life and your destiny.
—Francesca De Grandis, author of
Be a Goddess! and The Modern Goddess' Guide to Life

Having just entered my 50s, I found The Queen of My Self to be the perfect guide, providing much needed clarity for this next phase of my life. Mama Donna's words are comforting, inspiring and wise beyond her years. This magical book made me feel like a real live powerful Queen indeed.
—Annie Sprinkle, Ph.D., author of
Your Sex Life Make Over

The Queen of My Self is a great read. Although it will appeal to women of all ages, it should be mandatory for those facing what could otherwise be a midlife crisis. Mama Donna's writing is clear, inspired, and filled with light-hearted, humorous wisdom as she exhorts us to live life to the fullest, and in doing so enhance and empower our elder years.
—Nicki Scully, author of
Alchemical Healing and Power Animal Meditations

In The Queen of My Self, Donna Henes reclaims the ancient wisdom of all earth cultures: that older women are strong, wise, and free. For decades, Donna has guided us through the seasons of our lives. Now she gives us the divine paradox: that it is only by treasuring and knowing ourselves can we best serve our precious planet. This is an essential treasure for all midlife women — and those who love them.
—Hallie Austen Iglehart, author of
Womanspirit and The Heart of the Goddess

We have needed the Queen as validation, empowerment, and blessing for our middle years; a place where millions of women find themselves today. Donna's celebration of the Queen is a breakthrough and expansion for women everywhere. Brava Mama Donna!
—Shekhinah Mountainwater, author of
Ariadne's Thread

It is time for all of us to reclaim our thrones and Donna Henes is the Queen of showing us how! In these pages, you'll find exercises, insights, and wisdom that will truly allow you to own your inner royalty and change your life.
—Laurie Sue Brockway, author of
A Goddess Is a Girl's Best Friend and Wedding Goddess


What could be a better self-image for the woman whose wisdom is still blossoming (along with her belly), yet who is still vibrant, sexual, and self-assured? [Henes] makes a captivating case for embracing the role of Queen
and adorning yourself with all the spiritual and self-realized riches that it
entitles you to.

—Natural Beauty and Health

The Queen archetype reframes the meaning of the midlife years in which a woman can be her most dynamic.
—The Village Voice

The crone of the traditional triple goddess archetype is premature for describing the middle years of modern women. Donna Henes agrees. She feels that the wild phase of transitioning through midlife is a time to be crowned Queen: sovereign of ourselves. It's fun being around in a time when we can re-write our own mythology.
—Vitality Toronto

"Written in a tone which is reminiscent of a wise girlfriend encouraging you to take on life, Henes made me laugh out loud several times. Througout, the author has been there and done that. The Queen of My Self serves as the motivation for women in midlife to ascend to their thrones. Surely... every woman deserves that right."
—New Age Journal

Henes brings together myth, personal experience, and suggestions for rituals and celebrations and welcomes a new archetype for women at midlife.
—New Age Retailer

The Queen of My Self is a gorgeous book in every aspect. To be completely honest, this book's design and content cannot be over-praised. The author has done a magnificent job.
—Writer's Digest

Donna has written a landmark book that celebrates a new mythic model for the middle years of a woman's life — the Queen! A guide on how to take ownership of your life, Henes explains how you can enhance your own midlife power. An insightful read from one of America's best urban shamans and spiritual practitioners.
—Divine Woman

If you're feeling your age and it doesn't feel good, pick up a copy of The Queen of My Self: Stepping into Sovereignty in Midlife, by author Donna Henes.
—Buck's Counthy Courier Times

Hoorah for Donna Henes, the Queen who has given us a healthy, empowering way to perceive and present ourselves. Long live The Queen!.

We all need to take "Queen Lessons" from Donna and this book is my recommendation for every woman to learn from! Order this book and get yourself a crown, you'll be "ruling" in no time!

This book is a must read for any woman. Mama Donna has provided women with a treasure trove of ideas and inspiration for living our lives in fullness and meaningfulness.
—Buffalo Woman's Vision

All hail the Queen: New York City's celebrated celebrator of all seasons, Mama Donna Henes! This urban shaman has delivered an archetype for women who no longer identify with the childbearing Mother Goddess nor feel ready to assume the heavy mantle of the wise, old Crone

The Queen of My Self provides numerous real-life examples, both modern and ancient, of women who discovered and learned to follow their own paths to new heights of personal fulfillment and continue to have an "interesting" life, not constrained by yet another designation but adding "Queen" to her repertoire of "selves" as it fits each stage of her life journey. It's an easy-to-read page-turner of a book, I kid you not!
—The Beltane Papers

The Queen of My Self is an entertaining and inspirational read, thanks to Henes' engaging voice and soft humor. And most women approaching their midlife years should find themselves in its pages. You may already be implementing Henes' suggestions and ideas, without having a hook to hang them on. You may be unaware, locked into traditional archetypes and afraid of what you imagine your future will be. The Queen of My Self will touch you, either way.
—Michigan Women's Forum

The Queen of My Self is not a how-to-book but a declaration of a new archetype that will empower women all over the planet. This book is geared toward women entering midlife but it is valuable for Queens in the making. Buy it for your friends, daughters and the women you love.
—WIld Woman Network

Welcome to my life— and the millions of midlife, post-menopausal women living life strong and loud. This time of life is a mixture of new things, exciting and thrilling— and troubling and frightening things— all tied up in the radical changes called midlife. (Henes') idea for women about aging will inspire you to find your own ideas— and your own way of taking control of your life and destiny.
—Armchair Interviews

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