I have come into some great breakthroughs in mental blocks, for which I'm holding you personally responsible! I learned many things about myself that will be helpful in my daily life.
—Chloe, Oakland, CA

I love your style and I could feel your heart in the words that you spoke to me. Your blessing was heartfelt too.
—Kia, Woodstock, NY

Thank you for giving me permission to shine.
—Greta, Salt Lake City, UT

You are practical and intuitive. That is a rare combination. Your advice really struck a chord. Thank you.
—Michele, New York, NY

Thank you for the inspiration that things are not so bad with me. You are very skilled in what you do. I hope to follow your suggestion that I turn my anger into strength for progress and energy for self-development. I really needed these revelations and truths. I look forward to moving forward. I am thanking God for you and all you do.
—Adelina, Albany, NY

You have given me wonderful advice and I value every word. I so appreciate it. You have said everything that I feel and know. Thank you for validating that.
—Alison, Sedona, AZ

I have to tell you what intense and positive energy I received from you and am still feeling. It continues to resonate with me on a deep level. So, thank you. I felt so at home in myself with you and that was great.
—Linda, Brooklyn, NY

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